What is Tabata?

Created by a Japanese scientist, Tabata is based on the belief that short bursts of exercise are more effective than long spans. A series of 20-second intervals, each followed by 10-seconds of rest, is all that’s required for this 4-minute workout. Ideal for people who wish to work out smarter, not harder, the basic structure is:

  • 20-seconds of intense exercise
  • 10-seconds of rest
  • Repeat 8 times

The difficult part of Tabata is the required intensity. The main goal of the routine is to pack as many repetitions as possible into each 20-second period. Never allowing a full recovery between exercises, your muscles are kept active through the entire 4-minute session. Requiring maximum effort, Tabata will push your body to its full potential.

What Kind of Exercises?

The Tabata method is meant to be a guideline on how to work out, not a strict regimen. If the 20-seconds of exercise, 10-seconds of rest structure is followed, almost any exercise can be used. A fresh and interesting workout routine, the rapidly changing series of high-intensity exercises keeps you alert and excited.

What You Need to Get Started

To build your Tabata workout you need to select a few exercises. You can complete multiple intervals of the same exercise or you can alternate between several exercises. Requiring no special equipment, a reliable timer is the only item needed. It’s ideal for beginners to use their body weight as pushback for exercises, while more advanced individuals can add weights, if desired. Some common Tabata exercises include:

  • Bodyweight squats
  • Jump squats
  • Dumbbell or kettlebell goblet squats
  • Push-ups
  • Plank rows
  • Tricep dips

Why is Tabata so effective?

High-intensity interval training, a Tabata workout is particularly effective at shaping the body and burning fat. Requiring your body to work harder to return to a rest state, you will continue to burn calories after your workout is over. This scientific phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Requiring full effort and focus, Tabata is a quick, high-intensity workout. Post-workout, your body will work extra hard to return to its pre-workout state. Metabolic rate, the calories your body burns in its rest state, has been shown to double for over 30 minutes post-workout. A proven way to get a killer workout in a short time, Tabata is an efficient and effective way to get your body in shape quickly.

How to Incorporate Tabata into Your Routine

Whether using a stand-alone device or an app, to perform a Tabata workout properly you will need a timer. A typical workout will include eight rounds of 20-second exercises, combined with 10-second rests. Taking only 4 minutes, several Tabata workouts can be done in a row.

If you don’t want to dedicate your entire workout session to Tabata, you can mix the quick workout in with other exercises. The addition of a Tabata workout to your fitness routine will amp up your body. Fully alert muscles, all other parts of your workout session will be more effective post-Tabata.

A proven workout method, Tabata is the perfect addition to your busy life. Get your body in shape or boost your fitness routine with this effective technique. Customizable and requiring no special equipment, Tabata is the optimal method for increasing speed and endurance. Add this type of workout to your routine today and generate results.